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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sweet Dreams're made of these

Manicure for me and Pedicure for Lesley. Hers was beautiful while mine was destroyed in less in 10mins after the completion. Talk about being gentle, not with me! Ha! Caught up with Sinyin while Lesley had her hair done. Oh my goodness..this girl can really pamper herself. Pedicure, hair-cut and 3 extra ear-holes. O_o Still, i love her! *grins*

Shopped at Levis for the longest time period with Chris. All just for my Square-Cut. He finally got me my birthday present. He paid 2/3 the price for me. Thank you very much, i love it and will definitely treasure it. =) Dearest woman is leaving for Brunei in a matter of 29 hours. I'll be short of a shopping partner for 2 weeks. *pouts*

Anyway, ZOUK was alright yesterday. There was a event and i saw this cute actor called Randall or something. Will post up his exclusive pic one day. No one i know in particular for the night, boring. Except his crazy gay guy was grinding his stoopid groin on my left thigh. *curses* I'm sorry i cant club during working hours. No! Fcuk! Dont touch me!! So glad Jasmine is starting work with me next week, except she'll be IN the bar and i'll be OUTside the bar. Haha. Congrats on the job, dont say i didnt tell ya: its tiring!

Bell -> U disgustin lar! hahaha...but i'll only let YOU touch me. =p

Peng -> face condition got worst. Maybe wont see me on teevee liao. haha..stupid late-nights.