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Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Mitchell

Im insulted by YOU. Just shut ya arse up. Dont think ya're so smart and everything okie. Cause i definitely know more.

Anyway, im trying Brazilian waxing at STRIP for the 1st time tmr!! =))

Finally got a black and comfortable sneaker shoe from Serangoon for work. Work'll prolly get better on Wednesday. It's mambo jumbo!! *grins*

Saw a recent post by this guy i care alot about (sadly not vice versa). He mentioned something about he have no problems gettin others to fall for him except this particular girl he cared alot about. That was when my heart totally fell. I knew i had to let him go.

No doubt my love for dirtyboy is genuine and deep. Sometimes, its hard to let go of the past. I do cherish what im blessed with now. I love you Maurice dear.. =)