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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Opening of Zouk

Got my eyebrows threaded for the 1st time with Lesley. Oh my God..nearly screamed the shop down. Haha. Thank you Tirene for recommendin!

Work at Zouk was a killer. But the money rewarded every night was enough to take all negative feelings away. Come find me so i can slack okie. Hoho!

Anyways, i've been touched (at my waist/hand) a million times when they tried to get their drink orders from me. I dont actually mind but normally, people flirt with the pretty babes there instead of the waitresses.

Then, this guy (who's quite cute, not chinese for sure) talked to me because he knew i was tired, suddenly just kissed me on my cheek. Before i could react, he walked off. Haha..i was like HUH. Nice guy still lar huh. Haha.

There was 2 fugly guys who didnt want to order at the bar but from me instead. I didnt want to take his order because im busy clearing glasses and jugs. He was so insistent and rude. When i kept rejecting his order, he asked me in a rude manner what's my main duty here. I tried telling him in my calmest and most bitchified tone: Im fucking clearing the stuff so YOU get to place ya order and get ya drinks asap. Oh fcuking customer. DONT ever give me problems.

Lastly, this customer wanted me to drink with him. For entertainment sake, i downed a couple of glups (heineken). Later, i found a can of beer untouched, wanted to offer to him. He ended up forcing me in a nice way to drink with him. My much for drinking.

I'm so tired.... week of break ended and i havent touched my work. God bless me.