MMS Friends

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Eunice's place

My experience at STRIP was fabulously cool. Haha. I didnt scream the place down but i wont deny the fact that i yelled and squeezed the arm of the poor auntie who was waxing me. Muahaha..its as smooth as a baby's buttock la!! Try it girls!!

Power Jam rocks!! Mambo night was awesome as well though the songs can be boring. Caught up with Lay Leng and Ivan Ee. =) Thanks for popping by to see me babe!! Was a pretty bearable night and I made more friends. Tmr and sat've work is my motivator...has to be.

I dont see how i need to add more weight to my criticism(?!). I wasnt finding fault with you. But you're wrong, thats a fact. This might be a misunderstanding and i might just be crazy enuff to argue with u, my good friend..i dunno..just dunno lar..

I'm going on a shopping spree this week..frikkin stressed.