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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Counting down

Tried to make this holiday a fruitful one.
Tried to study.
Tried to do some catching up.
Tried to spend less money.
Tried tried tried.
Work assignment this sunday 3.30-10pm at farrer park. Makes me feel like digging a hole in the floor of mustafa. The idea of work simply turns me off.

Wedding dinner last night at Grand Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel. I didnt know anyone except for the relatives on my table. Bride (grandma's sister's daughter) was a doctor and groom was an engineer. O_o Food was alright except the staff didnt refill our drinks for an hour. Had to carry my glass out to ask for it. I asked if the manager was trying to thirst us to death! Thank goodness they had this feedback thingy after the 2nd last dish.
And i really hate it when my relatives sneer at us (me and my sisters) for not being able to speak decent hokkien. They're even blaming my dad! C'on you losers, so what if you can speak hokkien, i only heard KNN throughout the whole dinner! I fcuking hate my dad's side of relatives. I do. All the wealth from the company has gone into my grandma's mouth-her goldenfauxteeth.
Anyhows, Mum flew off to China, wont be back till next sunday morning. Keep forgetting the place she's going to. O_o I'm a sucker for chinese names/places.
That's my cute hamster moosie (: sucha baby. haha.
Why do we ask so much when we've given so lil'?