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Saturday, December 02, 2006

High Threshold for Boredom

Insomia, heartbeat racing for no reason. Anxiety? Think i've a weak heart. Shall go for full medical checkup soon. Heart attack?

Lil' sis is back from Vietnam. Must comment that her taste is so much better now. She bought me many vintage jewellery boxes, socks, clay photo album. And listening to her 'SAJC build-a-school for the kids' stories and how the kids there're so cute and innocent makes me wanna go do some overseas CIP soon. Haha.

Still thinking about the dress at Bugis. O_o

Currently in 6 sprees. Can't wait to get the loot, hopefully before christmas? Also, im dying to clear the 2 AE sprees i've organised on hand.

Sidenote: im dying to go to Melbourne, Bangkok and Hongkong (with Mum next year).

Still trying very hard to focus on Monday papers. Losing my motivation.