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Thursday, February 08, 2007

More than words on a page of History

Its hard to put my feelings in words here. Esp about this issue. Now i dont even want to see him or talk to him. I'm not angry or whatever. I totally got over it. But i just dont see how we can even be friends after the breakup.

I really got over it, im not trying to convince anyone or myself. But when you see 'light', you just no longer get upset and blah blah blah.

4 years of valentine's day together. From the roses bought from srjc's canteen to the yearly dinner at Marche. The hugs and kisses which made the butterflies in my stomach flutter. Maybe we're just too used to each other, of having each other. Until nothing turned out right.

Valentine's Day is gonna be an awkward day, at least for me!

Well, at least i know Emily sis, Melly, Dine, Liyu CherylS, Angele, Pauline, Sham, Chris etc are gonna have a good time out with their partners (:

Now they're just memories. And i promised the next guy im bringing home to see my family has got to be the one i think i might wanna marry. Actually whats the use of being in a relationship which isnt gonna end up as marriage right? Yes, talking about commitment here. Feels weird, maybe im really not ready to commit unless the right one comes along.

Question is whether im the one in charge of finding and making the guy 'the right one' or whether 'the right one' is appointed by God and out there waiting..

I feel like dumping all the stuff he gave me. Everything that might have represented his sincerity and love for me. Then again, its 4 years of togetherness, can't bring myself to do that. We're like so husband and wife, snuggling together, watching telly after a long day at work. Actually his Christmas present is still with me. Now, i might just wanna give it to a random suitor.

Love is just sucha weird thing to talk about.

And please dont approach me and talk about it unless im the one who starts the conversation.

Yes Tirene, stop the teasing. Edward's gonna kill you. And dont make me tease about Luke and yourself. HAHA.

Now i just believe that love does grow, even if you really dont like that person. Time is the factor. Cliche but true. Time does wonders.

More than just finding a boyfriend, i rather find a guy who makes me feel whole.

Alright so enuff about me, my lil' sister has 2 suitors. Haa. All rated and stamped 'caring' by yours truly (: Good luck sister! Find the right one. Im like the black sheep of the family, forever the one breaking up and having new boyfriends. Why cant my relationships work out!! Damnit!

"i dont know about tomorrow, i just live from day to day".