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Friday, August 17, 2007


Work assignment at NTU's finally over. The distance makes me sick.
And i definitely miss McDonalds. Aw.
Cafe by the Quad today. Food was good as compared to Canteen A.
Met up with Weilin, Shuyun and Xuan An today (:

I think i've saved enough this holidays. Worked my arse off Sundays more likely. And thankfully, this is my final week of work before school starts.

Jasmine's 21st yesterday, Gary's 21st party tmr, Amber's 21st next Sunday. Life is wonderful..HAHA.

881. I'm dying to watch it. Haha. My Mum caught it already....!! O_o

Duckied -> thanks for coming down on thurs and fri babe! (:

Liyu -> rah..i wish i didnt have to grow up. glad we caught up a lil on wed..hee.