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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Peichin's 21st at Aranda Country Club

Her 'key' to freedom (most creative cake!)



Snapping away


Everyone wants a pic of us. HAHA.

Faith keeps interupting our photo shots..

Me & Jenalyn

Birthday girl starts puking at 930pm

Nonetheless, we continue photo-whoring..

Wei Qi is invisible!

Creepy shot!

Flying Dutchman?!

Happy family..aww!!

Family shot.

SMU gang. They're the ones who got her drunk.
She thought it was her bday.

He thought it was his bday.

And the puking goes on.. *sayang peichin*


Gang of Losers.
I had so much fun at her party. Its really a pity they got her drunk on JW Black Label. And she was suffering the effect. Throwing up, dizzy-spells. It all happened before 10pm and before she even cut her cake! O_o
Anyway, thumbs up for the good home-cooked food! Better than catering. Haha.
Happy birthday Amber dearie (:
I wish you good health, good grades and hopefully the right guy comes into your life!
Else, you have my love forever!