MMS Friends

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Anyone caught MISS BIOSKIN 2007 on telly? I did.

Jewellary Fair at Suntec with Mum this afternoon. Boring!!

Picked out Godbrother's wedding present.
Royal Symphony golden-coloured fitted sheet and quilt cover.
Cost me a bomb.
Majestic and grand 'feel', perfect for a marital-bed!

After shopping, it was Supercuts for cut/blow/wash and spa treatment with Mum. I kept reminding my stylist to keep the length. He was meticulous and easy to talk to. And so im happy with the overall service (:

Its been so long since I was last free on a Sunday..

Melly -> haha, darn pretty and creative right!

Angele -> no la! haha, i blogged BEFORE i left my house :b