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Friday, August 08, 2008

Save the Beach. Thats where the girls are.

Faith, your belated present is ready!! (:
Don't kill me. No door sigh for you. Cause i really have no idea or inspiration on how to get it started. Hope you'll like this. Because i do! That photo is just a sneak peak for you. Heh.

The journey to get my violin tuned and re-string was albeit disappointing.
They said its old :(
And its seriously more value for money to get a brand new one.
Emily jie said it too.
But, i've feelings for it already!

When i first started out in Primary 4 with Hui Shan (i wonder how's hers doing), i remembered struggling with it. Rushing for classes after school with her. Wow, 12 years gone in a flash! FLASH!!

I don't care. I'm pulling the damn bow no matter how out-of-tune Sonata in C minor sounds.

Sa'edah -> damn gross. haha. are you still busy? i wanna watch movie!! let's go for a cf or comedy. no more shanice-grabs-saedah-in-the-cinema. HAHA.

Jerr -> you're full of shites la. my sister sounds exactly like me over the phone tooo. and the lizard, it MIGHT be doctored (: