MMS Friends

Monday, August 11, 2008


New collection's up.

Sales aint too bad (:


8 hours of hardcore shopping with Indran yesterday.

Its tiring i swear.

Dinner treat from him at Dome. I love the gourmet pie!


2 interviews today for management position.

I got hired (RC hotel), will be working for the HR manager, helping her with the new system. Thankfully meals're provided, i can save a hell lot of money. 8.30am-6.30pm is seriously LONG though. But good news, Cityhall is pretty accessible for me and my bosses are nice people.

I'm gonna be super busy. Online biz will have to take the backseat for now. I want to learn as much as possible. Find out if HR and hotel industry is for me.

Wish me luck, tmr's 1st day (:

The whole corporate wear and heels aint working much for me. Yea, i feel god-damn sexy in them but..