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Sunday, October 26, 2008

4 holes

Stitches removed.
But can't really open my mouth as wide as before.
Slight swelling but wounds're healing beautifully (:

Had desserts at Laurent's and supper at Scissors cut curry with Woman.
My first proper meal since surgery.
Feels good!

Marcus from MwL cafe cooked me a good meal yesterday too.
But had trouble eating the shrooms.
Mum have been caring too. 

No more spongebox square pants face :b
Celebrate celebrate!!


SMU bazaar was pretty awesome. My earnings were slightly more than $500. Better than leaving those old stocks piling up at home. With the earnings, i can get more stocks for the upcoming collection.

A big thankyou to Edward for offering his precious time to help me.
I appreciate it a lot alot.


A lot of things to settle.
Ordering of stocks for my online ARTS business.
Application to CHA show in January.

But my home wireless is down.
And so i'm at Macs with Woman tapping on the connection while he is doing his work.
Some bff i have :b


I've been thinking alot these days.
It might be karma.
But i don't want to look back and regret.
And i'm afraid i'm beginning to regret certain stuffs.
I hate thinking.
And when i do, i get irritated with myself.
Suddenly, i dunno what i want.
Then i get upset.
When i know what i want,
i get even more upset and stressed out. sucha difficult person!

Unaccomplished and aimless.


Anyways, i think those of you going into insurance line shouldn't call me with intentions of whatsoever. Not interested at the moment. 


Just completed 2 other canvas. I need to do Jerrome's, Pamela's, Luke's and Chris' next. The rest are ready or given already. Basically those who fish-eyed during my birthday dinner (: 


Going for breakfast and IKEA shopping trip in 7.5 hours.
Panda eyes!!
Genius is the person who invented Benefit Cosmetic (Lemon Aid).

Kimmy -> ahh..moosie is getting friendlier these days (:

Zihui -> hahahaha, quit bizcom la. but thanks for dropping by now and then. don't stress out k.