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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day Surgery

Newborn baby!
Looks small but its huge!! and i dunno why is middle portion yellow.
Was trying to peel out the tissues on cleaning a fish's insides, very gross!!

Waited for the director/senior consultant.
Not as terrible as Dadee who waited 3 hours for me at the carpark.

Got dressed in surgical grown, cap and shoes protector.

The injections to numb my gum was a slightly painful procedure.
I was shaking quite badly after that.
My eyes got wrapped because the light is very blinding.

Full numb-ness.
The drilling, pushing, digging begins.
Slight pressure every now and then.
The noise produced was scary.
Squeezed my eyes shut.
I heard Dr Phoon saying that one of my tooth was very hard.
Explains why the tooth with 4 roots was drilled into half.
Metal sound..clings clangs..incision..sucking of blood outta my mouth..

Done. They said i've done a good job in keeping calm.
But i doubt so.
My tolerance for pain is so slow it barely exists.
Got up the table feeling a little blur and giddy.
All i could think of is to rush back to car because Dadee was waiting for a long time already.
And i couldnt call him because they made me lock up my stuffs.
And he called Mum because he was worried when he couldn't contact me.

My wisdom tooth was passed to me in a zip-lock bag.
With tissues freshly unrooted, stuck to my teeth.
De-briefing, aftercare procedures were instructed.
My mouth felt weird and numb.
Blood was coming out but i don't feel a thing.

very very swollen cheeks.
mild discomfort.
allergy to medicine causing my left eyes to swell.
very hungry as well. but have to be careful of intake the next 5 days.
basically the whole experience was kinda weird.
i look like a bull dog right at this very second. i've an oval face, now its just SQUARE! :(
the bleeding lessened but i can't really open my mouth.
ahhh..i can't wait for this to be over.
Mum commented i was crazy enough to pull out all four at one shot.

A big thankyou to Faith, Pamela and Miss Lim for caring! (:
It might be a day surgery only, but i think care and concern aids in my recovery.
See you guys when i've fully recovered.

Zihui -> hahaha. maybe he see you pretty will be nicer to you (:

Angele -> kids're so fuckedup these days. dont you think!