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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Less chiken, More pork

Swensen's for dinner on Diwali holiday with Faith's parents and friends.
"Earthquake" was satisfying (:


Praise the Lord.
I think we're really blessed.


I'm an escapist. Why huh...


Interview with Bank of America went well i presume.
Its quite obvious when someone is interested to know more about you and when the convo gets engaging, frank and interactive. 2 interviewers, so i think it's an important position. I know its only for a few months if i'm hired but i'd really like to give this job a shot, find out if banking is suitable for me. Pay is attractive but more so, i want to give all i can and learn as much as possible. I'll get the answer next week.

I don't know if its my confidence, but i'm pretty sure the impression left was a good one (:

Ah...there're so much to give thanks for.


Went back to BIOSKIN (the horror the horror) because they invited me to try some Gold 24k treatment for free. Familiar faces..have never been there since 12th Jan 2007. Afterwhich, they said the treatment is not suitable for my skin. So we swop to some oxygen/hydrating treatment. Total BULLSHIT. But ya, its free and i'm definitely not going to save them the cost. The usuals, they tried to sell me a package/product for an hour. I'm pretty insistent if i don't want to spend. But Sandy was really nice (she has been promoted!) and so i ripped 20% off her for 2 products. Haha. Gees, i'd never spend the way i did today on facial/beauty products. Don't think i'm that vain but i'd prefer to look presentable.


Was rushing 4 scrap-kits for 2 customers yesterday, so tiring la.
Finally, i've completed 3.
Need to make another batch of sherniece.lj name cards tmr.
Can't wait for Saturday's photoshoot. New temporary model found! (:


I'm uber busy.
Have yet to touch my novel..finish my dimsum musical box project..
Will upload more photos this weekend.
I tried on all the coats at ZARA.
Super love it. But must control because i got a $170 swing coat from VS and a $80 coat from F21.
And not as if Singapore experiences winter.
Oh screw that.
So i'll plan for a winter vacation in 2009. Looking into Japan, Korea or Australia.
Oh screw that.