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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oompa Bazaar

my fluffy fatsy moosie (:

Not easy to pack and unpack..

random buyers trying

spontaneous buyer!

my dearest Amber (:

I guess it wasnt so OOMPPAAA for most of the tenants there at SMU concourse.
However it was a blast for me (:

Thank you:

Luwin and Felicia for helping me with set up,
Amber for companying me through lunch, packing up, storing of goods and company home,
Edward for all the publicity, help rendered (admin, printing etc) and company.
Zihui for literally dropping by to say hi. HAHA.

Its day 1 and most of the stuff i wanna clear has been cleared.
I wonder if i should restock for the next 2 days else buyers will see the same stuffs.
Yet i'm lazy to go take stocks since my model is busy preparing for exams.
I should clear first, get more money.

I think smu BIZCOM didn't really do a good job because it was clear that marketing wasn't oompa. The students don't even know of sucha event. Tsk. In fact, my neighbour tenant left 3 hours after the event started because she can't sell a single sewing kit. Poor lady! :(
And there was no air-con at our area, when clearly thats where majority of the people were. No atmosphere, no moosik reaching us.

But i survived when 8-10 flock towards my stall.
Trying to mentality record items sold, keep a lookout for thieves, my belongings and package items for buyers.
I hope tmr will be as fun.


Swelling as gone down.
I'm happy its finally showing signs of recovery.
But still quite tiring to talk/eat.

Oh, i love that pea-coat from F21.
Should i stock it up for my Anaheim trip next January? (: