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Friday, February 27, 2009

sherniece.lj needs a new name

sherniece.lj was meant to be my secret-blog 3 years back.
But it ended up as you-know-what today.

I'm definitely not as successful as LRH, HVV, TE, SR, OSF, BONITO, AS or even LR.
I cope "just fine" selling a few pieces of clothing and earning a bit of income from the apparel updates. Never thought i'll be an e-sales lady. Ever.

I've my pool of royal shoppers, the naughty shoppers and the 4-digit subscribers.
Don't think i wanna own a boutique or start manufacturing my own line. Not serious or committed enough.

I get pissed at dead buyers, putting up with bitchy shoppers and all sorts of crazy girls who just don't credit the photos to me when they want to sell a similar piece not purchased from my website. I get frustrated at sellers who copy my style or designs. I get upset when apparels don't get sold. Its annoying.

On the other hand.

I love shoppers who rave about what i bring in, how much they love the apparels (no matter how trashy the stuffs are), how good my service is and how the money in my posb savings account grows (and ungrows).

There's a lot to be thankful for.

Today's shoot: Liz the model, Amber the stand-in model and Shu the photographer. Three hours + duration. A truck load of apparels.

It was nice watching Liz and Shu work together. And Liz just have this look that's very desirable. I have a lot of personal favourite shots (:

And Amber, thank you so much for helping, else the photo shoot will take forever. You did a good job given the're new to posing..the people/environment. I would have died of shy-ness if i was 15. Haha.

Tons of variety, shall let the photos speak for itself. He directs well! I'm basically just a props man. Haha.

Whether this collection will be a hit or not, i owe Liz and Shu a good meal. Hope you're reading this (:

Melly -> brazilian!!!!!!! ahhh...i've waited so long for this day. Haha! Beach soon? (:

Caleb -> uncle. you relax, later heart attack. i'll get pingpong lady to blow whistle, wake you up. Hah. Wondergirls dance, i've mastered it. Waiting for you to pay me 700 baht so i can dance for you!! if you want me and my sister to dance for you, its 1440. 40 baht for tippssss!! *eats banana*

lil' sis -> hahahahahahaha!! your comment was hilarious!! oh darn, miss the "ultimate endurance test" in bangkok :( and i cannot find any favourite shots to blog about the trip..pfff!!