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Saturday, May 09, 2009

I walk by Faith

Celine and Karine from France is amazing.
2 days of workshop, learnt a whole lot of new techniques.
Made lots of friends.
Can't wait to dedicate 3 days for scrapping next week (:


2 days of abdomen pain AFTER having my "dinner".
I'll've to go see a doctor if this persists.
Thank you J, for being concerned.
And creamy for sending me msges of reminder (to have my meals).


I tried being nice for the entire of yesterday.
I thanked the bus captain before alighting.
I smiled & chatted with the boss whom developed 400 photos (15cents each only!!) for me within an hour.
I praised the auntie who cooked the economic beehoon, her veggies were marvelous.
And i decided to go for violin exam next Feb, which means i've to start lesson at moosik school by the end of this month.


I met your mum on a few occasions. Remembered her as a very welcoming person, even at the gate on days i need to pass something to you and you're not home. I'm sorry for your lost and i'll keep your family in my prayers..