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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Food entry

Shanghai Village at Chinatown.

The expensive Crab Linguine by st kilda's.


Dugnuts for breakfast at QVM.

Grecco cakes. The best.

Kaneda Sushi. Value for money dinner with Charmaine (:

Freddo. Yums!

Ying Tai for lunch with Yingjing.

My sister was asking for alcohol, juices and tea all at the same time.
OMG, damn confusing. You want to sleep or wake up!!

Too tired to take pics (my dslr is surely heavy and bulky) of the cabin food on flight back but the appetizer was smoked salmon and it was really yummy (:

Emirates impressed me a great deal. Service, "comfort" and cabin food.
I shall skip the details, you find out yourself (:
Mummy wants to go Europe, i am so tempted to go!!


Down with slight flu.
Clinic is packed.
I'm waiting for Chris to buy me a cute mask from Taipei (:


Went supplier's to QC the sample pieces i've sent in for manufacturing. Its gorgeous. More pieces coming up!!