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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

BYO: bring your own
PYS: pay it yourself (my mum's new rule with regards to our hp bill)
Gees, $29+ only. I give her far more than that amount monthly.

Mother's day, we went out for a meal at You Ji Mee Sua.
She settled the bill. We all burst out in a mighty chortle.
She exclaimed that she didnt want to celebrate this event just 3 weeks ago.

Went down in the afternoon to play nanny role for Veronica darling.
And wished Godma happy mother's day.
She's old enough to be my grandmother but i spent my days growing up at her place.
My dearest mama is turning 70 this year i think..
Parents working, maid needs to take care of everything else and i'm really sticky as a child.
The "troublesome" one, will cry when my mum wants to bring me home, wouldnt go to bed unless im on my 10th milk bottle of the night..the one that feeds on 50cent coins and cooks tissue paper over a pseudo stove.

There're lots to give thanks for..


Told him i dunno what to make out of him..and he got really confused with that statement. hahaha..and its confusing me now too..

you bring out all sorts of positive feelings in me. yet i cannot get the feeling im looking for. you make me smile on days i nearly broke down, you generally make me feel like im in love. but yet i dont think its love. you said the feelings got stronger. but im not convinced that shld be the reason we ought to get together. because i really dunno what brings 2 person together..

i tried not to contact you after i got back from melbourne. partly because i've alot of backlog work to clear. but also because i wanted to see if the feelings go away.

i dont want to have the conversation but it happened. it is happening right now. we're putting alot of thought into the replies and asked me what to do right now..and i really dunno..i feel like running away?

and sometimes i feel that "you" are desirable because i can no longer get your heart. but once i love someone, i just cannot un-love him. time heals the wound but it doesnt mean that i have stopped loving him. its like poison.

have i moved on?
or have i not moved on at all?