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Friday, September 03, 2010

Chale Monogram

Gorgeous!! (:

Fashion: slightly obsessed with TOPSHOP and ASOS at the moment. So much textures and shapes this season..fabulous!

I saw Louis Koo at TODS party today! Handsome!!


Marutama with Sei (Jap boss), Cindy and Angeline for lunch.
Yummy but salty. How come no quality control..

Huijun dearie bought the snowskin mooncakes from szechuan court for me <3
I figured out there isnt much difference between Raffles Hotel and Swisshotel/Fairmont for the champagne truffle. Packaging was the only pull factor for me.

My top 3 picks for this year (in no particular order):

1) Raffles Hotel
2) Peony Jade
3) Szechuan Court


Pictures of the pantry & view on a cloudy day..I was pretty bored the other day so i whipped out my E71 and snap some photos O_o

Spent $111 at Ettusais, hopefully the products wont disappoint.

My weekend is gonna be laid-back. I needa catch up on some sleep..
Certain events happened..not to me..and it caught me thinking quite a bit.

PS: i am a dead-hard fan of channel OKTO on weekday nights (: i nearly wanted to type Chanel.