MMS Friends

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm struggling with my new technology.
But i believe when the functions are fully utilized, it'll serve me well & to the best of its abilities (:

I can finally reply emails & invoice on the go!
Customers no longer have to wait till i'm home before they get a reply.
I'm actually kinda relieved!

You can bbm or watsapp me from today onwards. YAY!


Was working on the summary of my claim 2 hours ago.
Had to gather my thoughts, put down a time line, look through the evidences i've collected over the past 8 months, recall the appointments, clear my head, write in perfect English.
Submitting my claim form with 2 other members tmr at SCT.

Another member had her final hearing last week, and she sort of lost the case (no monetary compensation).
However, she managed to get her contract re-drafted.

I paid so much money just to be put under an immerse amount stress over the past 8 months.
Now the point is, every other member is presenting their case in a similiar way.
I want to stand out with a much stronger case. So while they schedule 2 consultations, i have to do a lot of research (such as finding out with the spa association the standards of the other spa centers, cancellation policies, long term solution, reducing uncertainties etc), stay calm in front of the judge & representatives from TS during the hearing.

Ngee Ann branch shut down its operations on 1st Oct 2010.
Cuppage closed its door yesterday, with 2 policemen standing outside as members file a police report.
This is NOT happening man.

Whatever that is happening right now bears eloquent and irrefutable testimony to TS breach of contract.
If law and justice don't prevail, God will take care of it.

Just wait and see you stupid CEOs. All the companies are like empty shells. Prolly with their tai tai wives spending away all our hard-earned money on Pradas. Before i go on and go defaming those bad eggs, i better stop right now. Before they sue me for verbal assault.