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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Warning: rantings below

Walked into Raoul, Zara, Mango, Dutti, Club Monaco, GG5, bYSI, G2000, Pull&Bear, Topshop. Just can't find a perfect white shirt for work. Utterly disheartened :(

Woke up early for manicure & pedicure. Nice nude colors, clean!


I need to rant about my domestic helper: Maryjane.
As you all know, i don't really connect with her & im glad her 2 years contract is coming to an end next month (i think).

Came back at 5pm from town after shopping with Angie, had the perfect cup of Koi. Satisfied. But i don't see my helper around. Ok, i thought she went out to buy stuff. That's fine. Finally at 5.25pm, she showed up at the door. With nothing in her hands. I questioned her. She said she went down to buy chips, i asked her where is it. She pointed to the small packet of chips at the sofa near our shoe rack outside the door. I was wondering: why the hell did you take 25mins to buy a packet of chips that cost 50cents downstairs and leave it on the sofa outside the house?! She said the neighbors (the boys) wanted it. I double checked with the boys and they denied, saying: no we didnt ask Maryjane to buy for us..we didnt even know when she went down. GREAT. LIAR. Go back to your country.

Anyways, i pressed on. Hungry for a decent reply that will satisfy my curious mind. Why did you take 25mins to buy a packet of 50cents potato chips? I lived at this block for 23 years, i have never queued up for more than 3mins to pay for an item. C'on, grow a brain Maryjane! She couldn't answer my question. So i decided to see if soft approach works. My tone before this was polite and there was no evidence of anger. I told her nicely, if you want to go down and chat or call, yes you may. But please get permission. Ask and it shall be given right!! Provided you've completed your assigned household chores. We're all human, i'd understand if you need a nap, or if you want to go downstairs and talk to your friends. Or use your hp. You ask, i will grant. But if you sneak out of the house without informing anyone, you will face the music when you get caught. And normally if im the one who catch her, she'll be in for a hard time.

The other day, she went downstairs and didnt lock our main door. WTF you might ask. I really don't know if she have a brain? Or if she's here in spore to find a Bangladesh boyfriend. After 2 years, i dont and will never ever give her the benefit of doubt already.

You might say, she get paid peanuts but yet work harder (physically) than most of us. Go easy on her. Yeah, you're right. But this is indeed the sad truth of cheap labor. She chose this path, she must be responsible for her career choice. We don't ill-treat her. The most is a lot of verbal ranting. The amount of maid levy my mum pay is by the thousands. If she had done a better job, we wont mind buying her a new hp/camera or bring her out for family meals. Too bad, not only did you not earn our trust, you proved yourself to be the worst domestic helper in history. Anyhow cook, anyhow clean, no initiative, whole day on hp, chatting with another helper across the block (?! this one is classic man ?!), msging ilu to guys on her hp, sleeping on our sofa when you're suppose to be washing clothes in the morning..the list goes on.

But compared with fats in my team, Maryjane, you're a lot better.

I'm looking forward to selecting a better domestic helper. Blood pressure increasing..must calm down. I just dont like the idea of being LIED to.


Yeah the fats in my team can fall asleep holding her water bottle or clicking the house..or counting pages, scanning pages halfway at the scanner..or checking some documents..zzz..exposing her panties to us because her dress rode up while she was fast asleep on her chair. She is so fat, she stinks..and it gets worst after she comes back from smoking break. What exactly does she do after work..such that it makes her fall asleep at work everyday?! I cannot comprehendé? Took her off my facebook 1 month ago. She is so lazy. Slowest in our team. Only know how to act hardworking in front of bosses. Gross. I despise you. Sorry, there isnt a better word to use.