MMS Friends

Monday, January 10, 2011

I think I think I think

I'm sorry i have to delete you off facebook.
I think my decision is right.

Morally, at least.

We can't even be friends because i think you're a douche bag.
You're acting like an animal befriending my gf for sex.
You haven't even met her.
Everyone's got mild split personality. I think yours is a little too extreme.

I feel so sick i even gave you a second chance.

Don't be mistaken.
I'm not feeling angry or upset.
I'm just in disbelief. Period.

And you really think we're not communicating just because we said we don't like each other?
Don't be naive.



I miss you Johnathan Chan.
I think you're the the best thing that ever happened to me in 2010.
I didn't cherish it.
I regretted unfriending you on facebook just because i was mad at you, being mad at me for giving up on us.
I don't regret not giving us a chance.
But i regret not being friends with you.

You're such an awesome friend, companion..
Now, i cant even ask you out for a simple meal.
Then i ask myself. What's the use of holding on to your hp number.
A lot of times, i wanted to email you from office, concerned if things have been going well in your life. But i know i cant. Its super damn unfair to you. I crashed your heart. What rights do i have..

I really am a butterfly ain't I?
I suck.
I need to grow a brain in my heart.
But after typing so much gibberish, i know i can only put my faith in the good Lord.