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Monday, September 29, 2014

Standing on the promises of God

And so i have been sick for almost 3 weeks now.
1st week: 1-7 Sept 2014 was nauseousness and lose of appetite.
2nd week: 8-14 Sept 2014 was still nauseous and i couldn't eat much though on good days i managed to take a full meal. Craved for coke and anything cold. There was excessive burping and bloated-ness. Took the husband's advise and when to see a GP, which he diagnose me with lazy stomach/stomach flu. I remember sleeping my week away..
3rd week: 15-21 Sept 2014 though i was much better, it was unstable. I experienced frequent nauseousness and food aversion. I can no longer stand the smell of garlic which i used to love :( in fact, i found everything smelly. Opening the fridge was a horror and a terrible assault to my nostrils.
4th week: 22-29 Sept 2014 Am starting to move around more and less bed-ridden. I begin to stomach my meals better though the bloated-ness is there all the time.

As seen, we got suspicious because i've missed my period for 2 months and the symptoms are so similar to being pregnant. Having PCOS, missing my periods wasn't uncommon. Decided to get a pregnancy test strip kit from Guardian. I got Marcus to purchase the cheapest in the market. I mean if my hCG level is high, any kit works. This particular kit cost about $8 for 2 testers.

27 Sept: the positive result showed up very quickly on the strip. My heart nearly raptured. I was so happy, same time doubts entered almost immediately. Sure a not? I mean, yeah we agreed to try for a baby but i didn't think it was going to be easy because of irregular periods, it was tricky to calculate when my body is ovulating. I decided to test again the next morning.

28 Sept: yet again another obvious positive result. It was quick. Happened within seconds although the box said it could take up to 5 minutes. It wasn't a blur line or faded line. It was clear, 2 lines meaning its positive. I am pregnant!

29 Sept: Went to the nearest gynae clinic for confirmation. We saw our baby's head and rump, heard her heartbeat loud and clear (160 per min). It was such a special moment for us. She is 8 weeks as of today, measures 1.68cm and is expected to arrive on the 11 May 2015. Was certainly a very touching moment for both of us. We are so thankful for this precious gift and life planted inside me (:

Jubilee baby (: (:
Praise the Lord!
We did receive prayers for a baby during prayer meetings and from individual church friends, we also prayed for God to bless us with a child when the time is right. Though we are not rushing to start a family, i feel defeated every time my period don't come. It can only mean i can't track or plan for a baby. But God reminds me to seek the Giver, not the gift. I had to trust and wait on Him to restore my health.

Even before we head to the gynae this morning, i had defeating thoughts of whether the sac is in the right position, whether the heartbeat will be picked up by the gynae and if i will carry her to full term. I want to bring all these negative thoughts to the foot of the cross and declare life and blessings over the little one growing inside me. I want to focus on the good promises of the Lord and also count my every blessings. I want to claim a healthy pregnancy, in Jesus' name. I want to surrender all my fears and concerns unto You, i want to speak life, protection and love over the fetus. We praise God because this baby is wonderfully and fearfully made by Him!

God has blessed me with a loving and selfless husband even though i barely deserved it. The past few weeks have been awful but he did everything to make me feel better. There is so much to be thankful for.. God continued to grow and develop the fetus even when i couldn't eat or drink much the last 3 weeks. I'm so glad i will be done with the 1st trimester in 4 weeks time.

We praise God for watching over our precious peanut and continue to trust that He will guide the development of this precious life. God is faithful! Always and forever.

“Being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and joyfully giving thanks to the Father.”

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