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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

week 8, day 3

What have I been up to lately?

1) monitoring my diet and nutrient intake (that includes taking my folic pill regularly)
2) looking up maternity fashion on ASOS.COM
3) reading lots of reviews and blogs on hospital packages/other couples sharing their pregnancy journey
4) interceding and praying daily for the baby

How i have been feeling lately?

1) tired
2) queasy in my stomach before/after meals
3) mildly uncomfortable in the lower abdomen area (could be uterus stretching to accommodate the growing fetus)
4) food aversion continues..

This is me at 8 weeks, 42kg. Lost a bit of weight last month due to morning sickness.
I feel my body changing. Hormones are acting crazy on my skin, outbreaks on my arm. Strange or what? Even though most of you might argue I'm still very flat and skinny in the above photo, i know the belly is already starting to bulge. It was way flatter than this in July, even though i may be 1kg heavier then.

Today, we celebrate our 7th monthsary since we got married in March.
Marriage is an intentional daily decision to see the gold in Marcus, intentionally surprising him, making him happy, loving him, intentionally building each other up, intentionally forgiving him, intentionally putting his needs first, intentionally giving each other space to grow and for him to lead the household, intentionally keeping peace, intentionally making time for dates - basically everything that goes against the grain of what being single meant previously.
Sounds tough but we are not meant to do this alone - Jesus Himself teaches us to do all that, and more. Marriage is an avenue for His grace to shape us - and still shaping!

I will be documenting my pregnancy journey here weekly, appreciate any sort of advise or prayers if you come across my humble blog (:

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