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Thursday, October 09, 2014

God's timing is divine

God isn't bound by time like we are, He can see straight into the future.
All I asked for was regular period and good health so that we can pray for God's timing to bless us with a baby in the future.
And He gave us more than we ever asked for.
Isn't it amazing? (:

God has a plan for my baby's life, in His appointed time.
God works on our behalf when we pray, thats how the spiritual law works.
God works through prayers, and prayers work.
God's power is released when we pray.
Ask, just ask.

We were sharing with each other how this child came so perfectly timed even though our 5 room BTO wouldn't be completed till 2016:

1) we still have the energy to run after the kid
2) we were living under our parents' roof and that means extra help with a newborn
3) my Godma stays on the 9th floor and she is a great nanny and cook
4) i am currently not working so full attention can be given to the baby
5) we can design the kid's room when renovation starts instead of leaving it empty
6) baby will be almost 1 year old by the time we move into our new nest, that, i am comfortable with handling her on my own by then
7) i wanted a baby before i hit the big 3 and I'm well ahead of schedule now

We believed God wanted our child to be here by 2015 and to be a part of His divine purpose and plan. Other than a healthy pregnancy, i am challenged to put my anxiety and fears aside, to free myself of all ungodly eating habits and to pray for more wisdom and help to bring our child up in a loving and godly fashion so that he/she will grow to love God deeply and serve Him wholeheartedly.

We dated for 7 months before Marcus popped the question, got married 22 months into our courtship and on the 37th month our family will officially expand! Other than being financially, spiritually and emotionally ready at those particular seasons, it really felt like our life together was being led by the Spirit and accordingly to God's perfect timing. There was no struggle and we knew He was with us every second of the way.

If you are waiting for a breakthrough, a miracle, an answer, I want to encourage you, never give up. God hears your prayer, He never forgets, He is working on whats best for you and all He is asking for is Faith.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

I'm beginning to like the name Faith a lot :b

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