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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

week 10, day 3

I think its more of a food bump/bloat than baby bump.
But i do see something! :b
For once i'm excited to look big and fat and round like a whale!
It's gonna be so worth it.
Haha goodbye abs and bikinis!

This week, the foetus is the size of a prune and muscles are beginning to function.
Am looking forward to gynae visit in 5 days time!
I wanna see my baby kick and squirm.

During breakfast yesterday, i poured 2 glasses of milk. One for Marcus and the other one for myself. He went ahead to grab the bigger glass and i snatched it back from him, loudly declaring "I AM DRINKING FOR 2!". Haha, not quite but i just want the bigger glass!

Balanced meal is still a huge challenge. Every day, every meal.
Why am i such a fussy eater!
However, the queasiness and bloatedness sort of died down a little this week. Thank God!
I'm looking forward to 2nd trimester already!
Just wanna enjoy this journey i'm privileged enough to be blessed with (:

Broke the good news to Quad during Jen's housewarming last week.
Super blessed by Faith who bought me this book which i've been searching for, high and low.
Thank you for the lovely surprise!

I don't wanna appear bias, of course i prefer a baby girl but a baby boy works as well. A healthy, happy baby will do. God will give us what we need, so we will be thankful anyhows. Just thinking of a million and one baby girl names at this point, and i'm definitely leaning more towards the classic chic british names. The sooner we know the gender, the earlier we can address the fetus by his/her name and do targeted shopping. We are still some time away from week 20, and we cannot wait to reveal your gender during Christmas gatherings.

Baby, Dadee and Mummy love you a lot. We have been praying for you daily and Dadee has been kissing you, (i wish i can bend over) can you feel our love? (:

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