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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Harvey Norman Power of Love Challenge

I signed us up for the event to see if we could possibly win $10,000 worth of prizes for our new house.
Our first ever couple game challenge.

We advanced to the 4th round with 24 other couples.
Till i messed up the Q&A section. Haha!
I must say the games were challenging though simple.

Round 1 (Pokey challenge): to leave 0.5-1cm of the stick in the bowl

Checking the score board after Round 2 which was the spaghetti/coke challenge

Round 3: Working out a plan to put the bedsheets back in the fastest timing possible.

Took 42 seconds which brought us to the semi-finals.

Emerged as top 25 couples!

Sorry i gave a stupid answer for 1 question. Well, at least we got the rest right (:
Though we only walked away with a $10 voucher, i think we both had fun at the event.

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