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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mount Elizabeth Novena Maternity Tour

We decided to go ahead with this maternity tour instead of cancelling it because we would like to deliver in this hospital next time.

At 1030am, we were greeted and welcomed warmly by Patricia at the front concierge.
First impressions of the hospital was posh, spacious, quiet and hotel-ish indeed.
Looks like 5 stars boutique hotel and extremely luxurious (smells good too).

We were given some information booklet at the 'Stemcord' waiting room before being led up to the delivery suites at Level 3. It was a small group this morning, 3 couples.

Waiting area for friends and family who are waiting to see the baby..its a huge and spacious area, didn't manage to capture the entire space.

Delivery suite: with a comfy sofa bed for the husband, clean and bright space.
Incase of c-sect, the operating theatre is just across this suite.

After delivering, the nurses will wheel you up to Level 9, thats where you will rest and recovery till the day you check out. Here at Mount Elizabeth Novena, they only have single rooms. Their package includes Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries, free WIFI and local calls, tv, in-room meals, drinks for visitors, husband-stay/meals, free parking, complimentary massage, antenatal classes (bathing, breastfeeding etc) during your stay.
Below are a few photos of the maternity ward:

Patricia showing us the night gowns provided by hospital, but feel free to bring your own.
But i advise you to use theirs, why bother with doing laundry after you get home (:

Complimentary drinks for visitors and tea for husband/family.

The very-quiet concierge/nurses station. Heard there are only 10 mothers today.
Visited the nursery, there were only 5 babies, some could be in the room with their mothers.
Spacious and not overcrowded.
They charge $34 a day for the UV beds, if your baby have jaundice.
Breastpump machine rental is chargeable at $32 for the entire length of your stay.
These 2 are not part of the package.

Junior suites are located at the Penthouse level, 13th storey (highest level).
As you can see, its huge!
With en-suite toilet, balcony and a living room.

We were invited to have some snacks and Q&A session after the ward tour.
Got to choose some baby socks as a free gift from 'Stemcord' and also a goodie bag from Mount Elizabeth Novena. Thumbs up for the eye-opening maternity tour! I'm so proud that Singapore have such wonderful hospitals and they really strive to make your stay here a pleasant one.

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