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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

week 10: Morning Sickness at its peak

Hi guys! I am into my 10th week of pregnancy.
The past week has been a trying one; felt nauseated all week long, puking & gagging away.
Still, i force myself to eat and drink for the sake of the little life inside me.

Currently standing at 42.6kg, Dr Poon wasn't impressed with my weight loss.
Not so easy to gain with my lack of appetite :(
Baby measures slightly past the 3cm mark. That's double the length, 2 weeks ago.
His heart beats strong and rapidly.

This time, i was a little more calm during the appointment.
Morning sickness was super dampening on my spirits and making my days unproductive.
Marcus have been extremely caring and patient with me.
I am so so so loved.

These days, i take a minimum of 2 hours nap, twice a day.
When i'm not sleeping, i pray, listen to worship songs, stone, get some work done.
No serious cravings for anything.
If i can complete a meal, that itself is an achievement.
I absolutely detest the taste of toothpaste, durian, garlic, onions and anything too overpowering.

Being the first patient of the day, Dr Poon seems quite unsettled (his messy morning hair haha).
He still answered our questions patiently and i brought up concerns about all the medicine i had been given since the last consultation. We discussed and changed some.

Folate, Cativ D3, Ironyl (changed to Neogobion) and lastly Utrogeston (changed to Duphaston).
Its causing me depression just taking that many pills.
The side effects are no joke.
However, he was insistent that i should continue the supplements.
So i will continue to be good until the end of my 1st Trimester.
Really taking it one day at a time now.

Will be taking blood test in 2 weeks time to test for HIV, blood count, blood type and a whole bunch of other stuffs. Ahhh i do hate needles and pain.
It will prove of those pills work in increasing my blood count.
I think we are not too keen on the down syndrome tests, so might skip it.
We are keeping the baby regardless, and we place our trust in Him.

2nd appointment cost us $190+ including GST, a few dollars short of $200.

Consultation: $65
Ultrasound $60
Urine test $5 (for gulcose level)
A bunch of medicine ranging $7-40


I know i promised a photo of my baby bump but i realised it can't be seen in photos yet.
I still look flat in the front but top view seems to be changing (noticed only by myself haha).

So here's a nice photo Dr Poon captured:
Wiggly hands and feet.
I can see his happy belly hehe.
Grow up healthily and well baby, xoxo!

If only they had such a heart to fear Me and keep all My commands, so that they and their children will prosper forever.
Deu 5:29

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