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Monday, August 17, 2015

week 12

Hi guys!
I've endured 7 weeks of morning sickness!
Lost a bit of weight, standing at 42.3kg now.
But baby's heart is beating healthily at 168bpm (:
Still at a loss whether to go for Oscar/Harmony test.
But i have to do my compulsory blood test next week, freak out please.

Gagging continues, puking decreased, i try to avoid vomit triggers like durian, onion, garlic, fried food smell, hawker centre, coffee shop.
Recently, cannot stand the smell of my mother's chinese cooking.
I try to brush my teeth at lightning speed because i cannot tolerate the toothpaste taste either.

Diet wise, I'm still quite picky. I prefer food like sandwich, green apples or thick soups.
Sometimes i want to eat a certain food, but once its placed in front of me, i lose my appetite immediately. Basically i eat like a mouse now.
Hoping the morning sickness starts to ease this coming week so i can start enjoying pregnancy and indulge in all the food!

Dr Poon started me on Fish Oil supplement.
Why is it so expensive!! $45 a bottle of 30 capsules.........
I have to continue with my Folate, Iron and Calcium pills. That's still 4 pills in total.

My BP is always on the higher side, but after seeing the doctor, it normally drops to 114-134.
I guess thats anxiety and excitement all at the same time.
Waited 2 hours to see him today, so we took our time with consultation, bombing him with a list of questions. Had a horrible headache last night which kept me up, sleeping position is not comfortable (back/left side...nothing works), gotta clear my bladder at least once every night.

Immensely grateful Marcus buys me food i want to eat, and he helps me to finish my leftovers.
I cannot stand the way i feel on most days, eeky, sicky, pukey, all grossed out.

Today's breakdown $194+:

Consultation: $65
Scan: $60
Urine Test: $5
Iron pill: $7
Fish oil: $45

Here's an ultrasound of buttercup. He/she is sleeping in a curled up position so Dr Poon couldn't capture a good photo after trying many times. Which means the measurement is not accurate today either. Its ok baby, just sleep and grow well for Daddy and Mummy ok xoxo

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