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Monday, October 05, 2015

week 19

No luck with finding out the gender.
This ultrasound shows the top view of buttercup, face up (you can make out where the eyes are), belly up and legs crossed.
We tried to get her to move so we can see the genitals but no luck.
So i guess, see you in 2-3 weeks time!

Praise the Lord, my placenta has moved up!
It was slightly low during my last visit so i was concerned.
God is good  (:

I have quite a bit of amniotic fluid, thats good news too.
Baby is growing well, strong heartbeat 158bpm.
I have also gained 1.6kg since the last visit, which brings my weight up to 44.1kg today.
Wow! Super impressive!! Not like i'm eating more, just the usuals.
It will be good if i can gain that much (steadily) for the next 5 months.
44.1kg is still underweight for my height. BMI not the healthy range yet, but i will get there!

Enjoying every bit of 2nd trimester.
In 2 weeks time, we will be doing our obstetric scan for fetal abnormalities at Mount Alvernia.
Cost $95 before GST.
Not sure what to expect but we are looking forward to seeing you again baby!

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Stay tune for #2 where i will be sharing my baby fair purchases.

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