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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

week 28: hello 3rd trimester

On the left of the ultrasound is buttercup's head, eye socket, and basically her side profile.
Her legs are over her nose, what a gymnast.
She's still in a breech position, Poon said there is still plenty of time for her to turn down.

46.9kg, didn't gain any weight but she's about 900g now.
Her BPM measures 161, so everything is going well.
I have been sick the past few days; severe coughing.
Coughed until my muscle got strained, haven't been sleeping well because of that too.

Gynae checkups will be once every 2 weeks from now on (:
I feel the upgrade in status haha!

How do i help her put on another 1600g in 12 weeks?


More onesies gifted by Hans and Janice (:
Love them prints hehe
Wondering if i should invest in a changing mat for after showers.
Havent purchase those cotton balls, wipes and bath essentials.
Hoping to do some last minute expo shopping at Baby World 2016 in January.


Last week's 1st antenatal session at Mount A went well, though a bit boring in my opinion.
Its about food, nutrition and some pregnancy myths.
If you have gone for many baby seminars, can consider skipping the first class.
There're refreshments provided for during the 45mins break.
Of course i'm sure its part of the $240.75 we have paid.
They gave us a goodie bag with more maternal milk (Nestle), oh yucks.
So far Annum and Friso taste the best.

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