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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Final gynae checkup / Laid back breastfeeding

On my last follow up with Dr Poon, he checked my wound, i did the pap smear test, and also we talked about family planning.
My next appointment is in a year's time.
Finally no more visits!!
Just super grateful for Dr Poon's medical advise and help throughout the 11 months (9 months pregnancy and 2 months post partum).

I weight about the same as 2 weeks post partum: 45.4kg.
Not restricting my diet, i take 3 main meals a day and 2 snacks in between.
To produce quality milk, take your supplements and eat a balanced meal.

Where did time go?
Audria is 2 months old this coming Saturday.
Days of butt wiping as come and gone in a flash.
Her facial features are now swallowed in her own baby fats hehe.


2 days ago, i met Uma, the director of Mother and Child for my lactation session.
I benefited so much within that 90mins session.
She answered all my questions professionally and with patience.

Arriving at 4pm, she took Audria's weight and did some medical checks, asked some routine questions. After that, she guide me on the laid back position and explained why this method works so well. I nailed it within the first 30 secs. WHAT? So easy??? I've been struggling with the stupid cradle, cross-cradle and football hold the last 7 weeks i wanna murder myself.

Uma said Audria is growing well at 7.5 weeks, 3.72kg.
She has almost doubled her birth weight of 2.15kg.
Power of breastmilk (:

Considering the fact i have been struggling with latching issues, she said some babies just drink with more noise than other babies. So long as my nipples are not sore, and she is gaining weight, she is not concerned with the "clicking sound" i have described.

1) i no longer have to strain my arm muscles to breastfeed Audria
2) this position works well in public places with a nursing cover
3) reflux is no longer as terrible as before with cradle, cross-cradle and football hold
4) the clicking sound is gone FOREVER thank God!!!
5) it works well as the baby gets heavier
6) no longer have to burp her for a long time and deal with messy regurgitation problems as she is in the upright posture during feeding

She also taught me how to do the side-lying position properly.
Its good when I'm sleepy at night but yet have to nurse Audria.
We also discussed about comfort latching, milk storage and baby routines.

There is actually a follow up session with Uma next week, but i may just go the following week instead. I am more interested in the "baby cafe" session whereby mothers come together, nurse during that 2 hour session with a lactation expert sitting in, coffee, tea and cakes, discussing about baby or breastfeeding problems (:

Overall, i highly recommend you go see Uma if you are experiencing any sort of breastfeeding issues. And see her early, don't wait till baby is 7.5 weeks old then go fix your problem like me.
Breastfeeding is meant to be enjoyable.
With the problem fixed, I'm looking to breastfeed Audria for as long as i can (:

Below's a photo of me working on the laid-back position:

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