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Friday, March 18, 2016

5 weeks Post Partum: Hep B jab (2nd dose) / Mustela review; Stretch marks prevention

We bought little Audria for her Hep B (second dose) jab yesterday.
If you are intending to do it at the polyclinic, its free for citizens and appointment must be made in advance.
We were in and out of the clinic in 30min, they clear immunisation and baby queues very efficiently.

They checked on her BCG, height, weight, eyes and some basic motor skills.
We took another Bilirubin test but this time didn't get results on the spot because doctor said after 4 weeks old, the "express" results not accurate. So if we don't get a call from the clinic today, it means her jaundice is about to be cleared or getting better.
Paid $4.90 for this blood test.

Next appointment is before she hits 12 weeks old.
We are thinking of 6in1, with oral rotavirus.
So many types of immunisations these days!

And by the way, we haven't once seen our PD Terence Tan at Mount A since i got discharged.
Was wondering, what for.
Polyclinic doing sucha good (and cheap) job at infant assessment.
Will save the money for more serious cases or 1st year checkup.


These are some of the products i used throughout my pregnancy from 2nd trimester onwards.
Bio Oil and Mustela stretch marks prevention oil/cream namely.
Worked very well for me because i don't have stretch marks or scars.
I think its just genes anyways.
Bio Oil caused a breakout on my belly though. I didn't even finish half the bottle.
I do notice my belly skin is slightly darker now though..and my linea nigra is till there.

Invested in the Mustela body firming cream for post partum.
I massage it on my belly religiously after showers.
Hoping to tone the skin there although its not saggy.
But thats also not my priority.
Nailing breastfeeding at home and in public is my top top top priority.
Havent a challenging time with the latch.

So as you can already tell, I'm a huge fan of Mustela products.
Only because it works and smells pretty awesome.
I rather no scent though.

Oh gees, i will never ever clear my sleep debt.
The bubs is doing well, sleeping very soundly after a nice warm bath.
I better go catch some rest too.

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