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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Janie & Jack review

Carters, Gap baby, Mothercare, The Little White Company are some of the common brands we shop for our babies and toddlers.
But i must say Janie and Jack have really outdone themselves.

This is the quilted bow jumper in size 0-3 months i got for buttercup's baby dedication/full month.
It is crafted in soft blended cotton, fully lined with snap closure at the back.
I absolutely love how luxurious this tiny piece is, it is so well made!
The shade is perfect, the pleats are super neat and the bow completes the entire look.
I have decided to pair this quality piece with Freshly Picked baby moccasins and suede bow.

The husband will probably flip knowing it cost USD27.99 (sales price) but like i've said, she will only be this teeny tiny once in her life. I want to dress her up till she no longer needs me to dress her (:

I'm 35 weeks.
Been sleeping rather poorly due to backaches and continuous coughing at night.
And lack of quality sleep means grumpy old me.
Marcus came home with a bunch of roses to cheer me up.
He has been tenderly loving me through all these hormonal changes and i can't be more thankful to have him as my husband.
He is truly one of the greatest gift from God.
Thank you B!

Many times i got really mad with my nonsensical mother and he was the one who calmed me down.
My mother don't give face with it comes to arguing with a pregnant woman.
She expects us to accommodate to her (which is fine if reasonable) but she have double standards with almost everything else.
Most of the time, she will threaten or end the fight with: "this is my house i can do whatever i want".
It is greatly irresponsible to say things like that to your adult daughters though it is technically true.
We didn't ask to be born for one, and the fact you are a grown up, why say this kind of senseless things to your offsprings? We are your family.

And her vulgarities are expanding well beyond the loci. That, i really dislike and have zero tolerance for. My patience/grace has ran out for her. Hormones or not, i do wish i have a loving and gentle mother whom i can have edifying/intelligent conversions with.

Glad i am moving out mid 2016.