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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hand me downs

We have received several bags of preloved baby clothes and we are so thankful.
Threw out some and kept some.
Space is a luxury we aint got.

Loving most of the items from Amy.
My fav being the H&M dress and Winnie The Pooh items.
The bibs and baby booties are adorbs too!!
Thank you for gifting the swaddles (:

Some preloved clothes from Adela and new pillow, toy, cotton balls for buttercup.

The above items from Jelissa which I sort by sizes.
Those that were super worn out, or sample diapers with manufacturing dates more than 1 year ago, we threw them away. 
Don't see the point of wasting more water and detergent washing them "clean".
Poop,vomit and fungal yellow spots are extremely stubborn stains which i cannot be bothered to deal with.
You might say "they are just clothes", doesn't matter if its stained, spotting or old.
But for a newborn, it does matter to me. I am selective like that.

I suppose some preemie or newborn sizes will be put away after the first month.
More items to destash the moment she outgrows them.
Any takers after April?

Can't wait to dress her up in those cute outfits we got for her though (:
But i heard babies only puke on new clothes. Gees.

35 week bump; my skin is looking really taut and shiny.