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Sunday, May 29, 2016

15 weeks Post Partum: Waterway Point Nursing Room

This is the regular nursing room you get at every level.
Lock door, 1 cubicle with power point, 1 changing station, 1 sitting area and hot/cold water dispenser.

At level 2 near the children's indoor playground, you have the main nursing room with lots of cubicles and a huge sofa for Dads or caregivers to hang around.

Review: huge and clean.
You can dine or shop with no worries.
If there is a need to nurse or pump, just head to the nursing room (:


Where did time go!!
My bubs is almost 4 months old.
I am still a direct latch breastfeeding mom.
Enjoying the journey and in 2 months time we will be introducing solids to her.
Baby-led weaning perhaps.
Time to go shopping for high chair. Was thinking of ordering the old school rattan ones.

Anyways, 2 weeks ago she had her 5-in-1 jab, rotavirus and pneumococal jab.
She made it through with no fever or side-effects.
Praise the Lord for His mercies (:

Our take on immunisation jabs?
The more the merrier.

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