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Friday, April 22, 2016

10 weeks Post Partum: Isetan Nex Nursing Room

One of the better nursing rooms i have come across.
Its practically empty on a weekday noon/afternoon.
2 nursing rooms with door and lock, 3 changing stations, hot water available, plastic bag to store/throw biohazard waste or other stuff.
Expect a queue during weekends.

Shaved her hair last weekend at Babyspa Nex.
Just walk in, no need to make appointment.
Price: $18
They will provide a red packet to store all the hair.
Reason for shaving: she is shedding hair on her baby pillow so might as well.

Made lactation cookies with Faith and Charlene a few days ago.
Super yummy but have yet to eat a single cookie.
Half the time I'm tied to the baby..sometimes barely have time to cook lunch or shower.
Camp in bed with her as she needs help to be put down to sleep.

And these days she sleeps for a longer stretch at night so i have to pump cause you know, rock hard.
Brand: speCtra s1
This is my yield:
Average of 100ml in 5mins, on one side.
Lactation consultant said its good production (:

I have yet to touch a single packet of frozen breastmilk in the freezer though.

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