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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

17 weeks Post Partum: Paragon nursing room / Vivocity nursing room

My baby girl turned 4 months old last weekend! (:
And I'm down with mastitis again.
Fever and blocked ducts.
Worst of all is the bruised feeling.
Its better now but still quite lumpy..
Keep a lookout for my review on Auntie Lynn's lactation massage.

Paragon have a few nursing rooms.
The one at the kids level is super crowded on most days so i went to Level 3's.
Its beside the ladies.
2 locked doors, comfy couch to nurse.
Quiet environment is what i need because these days, the baby is very distracted.

I don't have photos of vivocity's nursing room but its equally as clean, cosy and quiet.
If you need to pump, there is a electrical outlet too (:
I went to the one beside GV. Was there for 45mins (to change and nurse her), nobody came by to share the space with me. Super awesome!

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