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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Auntie Lynn 62 - Lactation Massage review

I don't know if her home business is a legit one, but it better be.
She is quite well know in the breastfeeding circle for clearing lumps, pus, mastitis, blockage, engorgement, using TCM methods.

She currently does not provide home visits.
So you will have to make a trip to her home in Ang Mo Kio.
Or you can text her to enquire about her sister/cousin who charges slightly cheaper.

Her charges increased from SGD130 to SGD150 this month (June 2016).
I paid $150 and my problem wasn't solved.
Below is a negative review based on my personal opinions.
If you do your own research, you will realise she have a fair amount of -ve and +ve reviews.
She have plenty of good reviews and I'm sure most mothers did recover or benefit from her sessions but for me, it didn't. And she didn't care.

See the red patch? Its from the blockage and the bruised feeling didn't subside.
I had fever on and off for 3 days.
Took panadol to relief the heat from my boobs and also to clear the fever.
But for lumps, its always better to engage a legit lactation masseur.

Reached her place at 11am, she gave us time to change diapers for the baby before she started her session. You need to bring a small and big towel to "catch" the milk.
Starting with head and shoulder massage as we waited for the hot compress to warm up both my boobs.
After which she used a comb to massage or gua sha the affected area with coconut oil.
After which she starts hand expressing to empty the boobs and clear the lump.
This takes 60mins on average.
In between Audria was crying for my boobs so she gave me 10mins to nurse her.
She is far sighted so she needed her glasses to check if i had a milk blister.
After squinting, she decided to burst it. I nearly freaked out lol.
Dunno she can see properly a not. Don't anyhow prick me man.

At the end, she forgot to teach me how to hand express so i had to remind her.
She allows video recording so you won't forget how to do it when you get home.
I could smell cigarette on her breath as she spoke to me. She was also sharing about her passion for mahjong. Anyways, her home is filled with guanyin and altars if you dont mind.

When i left her home, my boobs was definitely softer but the lump was there. i told her but she touch touch touch massage a bit and told me the session is over.
Then i saw her downstairs smoking away.

So on the same night, i messaged her and sent her the above photo of my boobs.
I told her the lump wasn't clear and i need to see her again for free review.
Who pays $150 and not get the problem settled?
She is the most expensive in the market.
She replied "don't quite get you".
After which, no more response from her.

That same day, i went to see doctor but he couldn't prescribe antibiotics for me because I'm allergic to the common one. If he prescribes an alternative, i will have to stop breastfeeding till the course is completed. Doctor said its not a full blown mastitis and since no pus, there is no need to take antibiotics. Unless i want to. As for the inflammation, doctor also agreed massaging will be more ideal than prescribing me more medicine. That night, i had a brief fever which panadol took care of the problem. Till Sunday, i haven't had fever and the bruise is also healing. But definitely still lumpy.
I am on lecithin to thin my milk so it emulsify the fats and reduce the chances of blocked ducts.

#breastfeeding woes

Not sure if my supply as been affected but baby is satisfied at my boobs and diaper output remains unchanged.

I let you decide if you think Lynn is worth the hype, or if she is just money minded.
She didn't care for my condition, if you ask me.

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