MMS Friends

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Everytime someone mentions about their brother,
I'll quietly wish i had one.

Had wanted to visit Zouk colleagues early in the morning at Siloso but weather was a turn-off. Heard supplies were almost out by 5am and the place was a mess. Haha.

Coughing fit. Coughed till my stomach hurts. Am going to the doctor's soon.

I cant believe i actually have to silent my phone in order not to be reminded i've a cellphone.

Caught Pride & Prejudice with dirtyboy. Studying literature (18-19th century) in junior college has been of great help to the understanding of the novel. The old English, manner of speech, costumes, customs and appropiate-ness of the characters. Could relate to it pretty well. =)

Anyway, happened to see Ian at the bus-stop of Bugis. Haha. Long time no see..though we always seem to bump into each other.

Bloody i can't do my Brazilian waxing with Melly tmr. *groans* Was lookin forward to it lar!!!! *curses*

Melly -> i've fat at my tummy. though i can see 2 tiny abs as well. Sometimes, it still looks damn fatty lar!! i do exercise as well man..but very Biotrim, i can sleep yet get toned/slimmed. *grins* Plus its all sponsored by Bioskin. Haha..all the more i should make use of it. Hee. Dinner with soul's prolly off. nvm, we can do without them. Liyu cannot make it for the 3rd time. O_o yay!! im happy for you too!! believe me..i know what is it like anticipating for the boy to return after 3 weeks.. =) love-love!