MMS Friends

Monday, December 19, 2005

Fringe (:

Zouk wasnt extremely crowded on Saturday night but i worked for 2hours and had breakfast with Michael & Crystal after work. Milo dinosaur was yummy!! =)

Saw Mitchell after 4 years..sorry i couldnt recognise ya. Haha. Denise Keller, Carrie Chong, Cynthia Koh..who else..they were at Member's. Shawn came and cheered me up. Working at the Member's bar is very tiring and lots' expected. Serving VIPs..what can I expect right.

Caught The Promise with dirtyboy on Sunday. It was good..haha..unrealistically funny. Time spent was short as usual..but at least we had fun together. =) Love ya plenty..

Busy day. Had slimming and cold wrap early in the morning before heading down for treatment and more treatment. 12-6pm gone just like that. And i tell ya, the cold wrap (though effective for slimming and detox) was frikkin COLD!!! I froze to death and couldnt take it after 6mins. Sheesh..Shimin tolerated for 30mins.. *faints*

Anyways, i'll be at Bugis tmr afternoon for Bioskin Voting. Dont know how embarrassing this is gonna get..

And so, Tirene companied me to Kenneth's Mum salon the entire evening. I trimmed my ends..2 and a 1/2 inches gone!!! Plus, i've got bangs now!! high (lohan_yu) forehead'll thus be covered. *grins* It's a new hairdo for me ever since primary school so..haha..a little to straight though..i look so different!!

4 more days to Christmas! (: