MMS Friends

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Walking corpse

With the opening of MoS last night, Zouk became more busy and crowded!! I nearly squeezed myself to death at Member's.

Anyway, saw Lynn Poh and Ann Kok. Served Ann the entire night. There was this guy who had a mini party and his friends opened like close to 50 bottles Moet & Chandon, all charging under his name! O_o Alcoholics.

If i havent heard it from your own mouth, i wouldnt have imagined myself as some stupid desperate psycho girlfriend. Maybe, im really not girlfriend-material..

Just for Wyn..

* $15 per ticket - inclusive of 1 free drink
* $3 housepours
* $10 jugs

- BIGGEST, WILDEST and the 1ST INDOOR Beach Party happening at CHINABLACK !

R&B TOP 40S. Guest DJ (Ashley) from Melbourne will be playing from 12am - 2am (Oh trust me he is HELL good), so make sure you enter before midnight !

- Join us on the 20th of December dressed in yur funkiest BEACHWEAR, SLIPPERS, BERMS, SINGLETS and even HATS !

- Bikini clad girls will get in for FREE before 11 p.m. !!!

Be part of this new clubbing culture, message Wyn at 96668355 for tickets now !

Zi Hui -> nope, didnt buy it. haha. when we meet up next week, i'll tell u the shit on bioskin. haha. we have tons of stuff to catch up on yea. -hugs (:

Peichin -> you, me, faith and jen ought to have a gathering soon!!! it's our hols!! missing u heaps babe!

Kim -> haha..thanks??? *grins*

Wyn -> cool! =) are u saying response's bad??!!! muahaha..