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Monday, December 12, 2005

Gotta have it!

Shopping from Orchard to Somerset to Marina Square. Had a great time with Eunice. Haha..dinner at Han's was an awesome treat from her as well. *grins* Thank you dearie. =)

Saw this cool pair of berms (grey with broad black strips $99) from Mambo. Shall consider paying that amount for some cotton. Think it might actually look good on dirtyboy.

Bought another short woven pants from FOX. Affordable and very pretty on my legs. Haha. Anyway, tried this gold tube dress from Phuture London. I love it so very much. Much to my dismay, it was the last piece and i don't purchase last pieces. Sigh. It's gorgeous..other than the fact that my boobs were a little too small to hold the dress. I'm talking about not wearing a bra with it cause the ribbons on the back goes down low and bras'll spoil the outlook of the pretty dress. If i find a new piece tmr, its meant to be mine. If not, i guess..oh well..

Finally, i'm meeting Cheryl tmr! *skips ard*