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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I want to..

A rather boring night at Zouk. Posted to member's bar. The real test begins this Friday when MoS officially opens. I've got invited but cant go!!

Shawn and Sam's sudden appearance put a grin on my face for some time though. He actually went all the way to Member's and looked for me! =)

Was reading Daryl's blog. And on the few occasions i met him (3 times to be exact), I already knew he was those kinda guy that treats time preciously. Yet over and over again, i disappointed/spoilt the dates we had. Even before we met up, i kept delaying the date. And im just sorry everything didnt turn out the way we wanted because i didnt cherish. There're so many things i wanna tell him i person, but i guess..maybe..i'll never ever have the chance to again? It's karma. And how those 'memories' goes on repeat mode in my head..

Mango Sales was crazy. Havoc!! Heaps of clothings were dumped on the ground..anywhere and everywhere. There were crazy shoppers shoving and pushing, picking and throwing. Haha. And i went there at about 12ish with a good mind to find that particular $69 grey top in the sardine-packed-shop. I found it effortlessly..!! =)) It was exactly my size and i adore that slit behind because it shows off the spine bone.

Sexxy!!! Haha. It looks better worn than what the picture portrays actually.

I'm more willing to pay $49 for it now because i think $69 was expensive for a semi-formal top then. And of that piece aint from the previous season. I'd consider it "good luck" because all i had in mind for this sale was to find that particular pretty piece of clothe. *grins*

And I saw Lay Leng babe! When're we gonna catch up man! Haha..yes, i agree with ya. Sometimes we go through extreme measures to get something we want so badly. It's like desperate and outta-the-mind! Impulse. Hee.

Realised i do love shopping alone (:

Slimming and Cold Wrap, ice treatment, detox (massage) and other treatments the coming Monday at BioSkin/BioTrim. So many things to prepare for Tuesday's outdoor filming at Bugis. My schedule is tight like ****.

Counting down to Christmas..10 more days!