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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Acid Brown Smell

Went for Giraffe's interview with Eunice. I'm not too sure if i should stop working at Zouk after NYE06.

Finally saw Cheryl. It's been almost a year! I miss my best friend. =) Chilled out at Starbucks catching up after some shoppin.

Before that, I had my favourite Tom Yam Ban Mian at taka square for lunch with her. Guess what. It never got digested. I went around with a bulging tummy for 6 hours.

Melly joined us a while later and we companied her for brazilian. Had Spike 'D' (chocolate coated durian cake) at Big O. I swear i couldnt really eat because i felt so so so bloated.

Wenta Mediacorp for measurement. Saw Joanne Peh. Sucha babe..but damn tall for sure. Haha. Heading there on the 20 23 27 28 29 for costume fitting, catwalk lessons, filming and live recording. Pray that i get Top 3. Cash!!! Now dont get too excited seeing me on Classified. Lousy publicity and frikkin commercised.

Anyway, i felt like crap on the way home with the contestants. Had to hop off the bus halfway and cab home. Just in time, i threw up "brown tom yam" when i stepped into the bathroom. Twice. Did i mention before i hate throwing up?? Because im sick as well, lotsa brown (chocolate durian cake remember?? haha.) mucas came out as well. Disgusting. Then came the fever. Burnt the entire night.

Food poisoning sucks.

Working at Zouk tonight. Mambo Jambo. Please pray that i survive.

Lay Leng -> hee..other outlets dont have liao. they've very limited pieces and not all outlets sell that design. aint that lovely?? =)