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Sunday, October 02, 2005

SAF chalet

Kimmy, Liyu, Aaron, Tirene, Shuming, Edward and Luke: Thanks for coming down. =) Really appreciated it. I'm not gonna dwell on those who didnt come.

On the lighter note, was really happy to see Liyu babe..and all the catching up we could have possibly done. I miss you so much girlie!! Seriously, Aaron looks cute! Haha..not photogenic though..he looks yukey in the pics we took. *grins*

If my own PC was working, i'd posted up the lame pics Tirene, Ed, Shu and Luke took in the Chalet. gootness..hilarious?!!! Haha, my apologies that there wasnt enough food to go around by the time you guys came down. But hey, Changi Village wasnt that bad eh! =))

Guess what peeps??? I got a job at Acid Bar, Peranakan Place (Somerset). Cool shit eh! Good stuff has been happening to me, i cant thank God enough for his wonderful blessings!!

Cheryl Song my darling bestie is coming back from Melbourne on the 25th of Nov!!!! I'm uber excited to spend more time with her! Haha..and Christie Stubbins' comin back too!!! *cheers* It's gonna be a great holiday. =)

Zihui -> haha, cant wait to see ya. Please press on, work hard and i'll see ya soon alrights?? *hugs* just missing you sweets, thanks for the hand written note eh! Love-love!! =)

Laypeng -> hee...go Sentosa soon leh...haha..then can see my wonderful hair and pretty face! hahahaha...... O_o

Liyu -> Thanks for irony you're the only SOUL babe who came. But you know i love you for coming all the way!!! *kisses* When're we clubbing again??? glutton! =p