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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tmr's 1st of August

Belated birthday treat from Zihui at Pasta Cafe.
Slipper lobster, penne, mushroom.
Some catch up time.
Thanks babe! (:

Brazilian wax with Melly at Fabulous Tan.
45minutes session.
It was painful but siok.
$20 for 1st timers, go try it folks (:

Afternoon out with my girlies.
I love you both!

Signed, Sealed & Delivered workshop.
Mash potato, sausages, hot chocolate.
Enjoyed making the cards with Faith!
Didn't aquire any techniques but i got fresh ideas for wedding cards (:

It was a really long Wednesday for me..I'm tired.
Good news, Emily sis got her driver's licence after the 7th attempt.
Applause please.
110 lessons.

Woke up early to reach MwL early for the new arrivals.
Pretty papers on the rack today.
Spend $131 on 70 pieces of paper and some gorgeous ribbons/diamontes.
I'm ready for more card orders.
Jerr -> what jaws? no, i think he's happy on my bed :b
Sa'edah -> haha. sweet and sour pork.
Angele -> squash!!
Melly -> the one i'm going to make you mean. haha, i dunno if im ever gonna start on it. procastinate. the customer's album have got 7 pages before completion!! :( will bring jerr's book the next time i see you girls k!